Treasure Jesus


 Loving Jesus means finding our joy in him above all else. This happens as we treasure Jesus in the gospel and pursue habits that raise our affections for him. This is the starting point of our relationship with Jesus. If we want to love him well, we need to know him. Like my relationship with my wife, if I want to love her well, I need to know her well. I need to study her, and understand what makes her tick. If we want to love Jesus we need to know him.

Treasuring Jesus is more than simply saying you like the guy. We give our time, our talents our very selves to the things we treasure. Do you treasure him? Do you love him more deeply than all everything else in your life?

In order to help you treasure Jesus, I will write a number of articles under this broader category. Here are a few of the primary topics:

  • The life, death and resurrection of Jesus
  • The good news of the gospel
  • Habits of grace (spiritual disciplines), which grow our love for Jesus
  • Biblical and theological posts, which give us a framework to understand Jesus

Sample articles about Treasuring Jesus:

Jesus Must Be our Rescuer Before He is our Teacher

Everyone has an opinion about Jesus. And most people have a favorable view of Jesus. But do we understand what he really came to do? For many, he is just a good teacher or a revolutionary. But before he is anything else, he must be our savior.

We cannot, but Jesus Did 

Jesus did what we could not, and became what he was not, so that we could become what we are not. Jesus lived a sinless life and then died on the cross as an innocent sacrifice, so that through his blood, we can be made righteous. It is truly an incredible thing.

5 Questions to Ask when Reading your Bible

Reading our Bibles can sometimes feel complicated. It doesn't need to be. Here are five questions that can help guide you through your Bible reading time. They aren't complicated, and don't require a seminary degree. Just a little time and investment.