If you want to grow in your love for Jesus...

...then studying Mark's Gospel is a great place to begin.

Whether you plan to read Mark on your own or with a group, JeremyAdelman.net has a collection of resources to help you get the most out of our your time studying Mark. The resources were originally created with the Adult Community Groups at First Baptist Church (Minneapolis) in mind. Throughout the first three months of 2015, First Baptist Church incorporated Marks' Gospel into our preaching, our Adult Community Group curriculum and other areas of the church. Throughout this time, we gained a deeper love and affection for Jesus and grew together as a community. I would encourage you to consider reading Mark's Gospel on your own or with your group, and as you do, I pray that these resources help to increase your love for Jesus.

What resources are available?

Studying the Gospels Together Method

The Studying the Gospels Together method was developed to help groups study Mark's Gospel (or any gospel for that matter) through an inductive method. There are a number of different prompts and questions to consider each week, and it will help you and your group to grow in your understanding of who Jesus is, what he came to do and what it means to follow Jesus. Here is a link to a full explanation of the method.

Studying the Gospels Together Notes

For each chapter, I have used the STGT method to provide some notes to help guide your study. They are written primarily to the leader of a group that is studying Mark, but would be helpful for anyone who is studying Mark with the STGT method. Links to all the notes can be found below.

Guest Posts for all the Chapters

Throughout the study, we were blessed to have a number of top notch "guests" post on the blog about each chapter in Mark's Gospel. We had professors, church planters, pastors, missionaries, lay leaders and bloggers all contribute. These guest posts will provide additional reflections and perspectives that will be great to read as supplemental material while studying Mark's Gospel. Links to all the guest posts can be found below.

First Baptist Church Sermons

The preaching series through Mark focused on one chapter per week. Some of the sermons were focused on just a portion of the chapter, while others were preached in such a way that the entire chapter was referenced. These sermons can also be used as further supplemental material as you study Mark. Links to the sermons can be found below.

Studying the Gospels Together Links:

Guest Post Links:

FBC Sermon Audio Links: