Live Consistent

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Loving Jesus means living with character that is consistent with our love for him. As followers of Jesus, we are called to a new set of behaviors in our lives. It is essential that we ground our life change in our love for Jesus. Only when we love Jesus and trust in the gospel are we made new. And when we are made new, a new set of behaviors defines how we live.

It is as though we were a bush, producing thorny and viney branches. But we have been changed into a tree and now we make leaves and fruit. There is a new way to be human, because we have been made new. 

In order to help you live with character that is consistent with your love for Jesus, I will write articles within this category. Here are a few of the primary topics:

  • Post about relationships (ie. marriage, parenting, co-workeres etc.)
  • Posts about character issues (pornography, patience, etc.)
  • Posts about the fruit of the Spirit
  • Posts about living in community

Sample articles about Living Consistent:

Four Ways Words Impact the World

The tongue can be a weapon that is not easily tamed. It is powerful beyond its size and has the ability to seriously hurt those around us. Our words impact the world, and we must learn how to use them well.

What My Kids' Bedtimes have Taught Me about My Heart 

Bedtimes can be a tense time when little ones are in the home. God has used them to reveal some of the ugly in my own heart. Whether or not you have bedtime battles of your own, God may want to teach you similar things about your heart.

Understanding the 3-Layers of Sin 

Sin is deceptive and it can be challenging to fight. If we want to battle sin effectively, it can be helpful to understand how it works. One feature of sin we need to know is that there are layers, which means we need to do more than just confront behaviors.