Technology I Use: Fighter Verse App

I enjoy technology. Probably too much at times. It can be a distraction for me, but I have also found ways to use it in my personal life and my ministry. Every now and again, I would like to share a piece of technology that has been helpful for me.

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Do you memorize Scripture?

Scripture memorization is an important discipline that many people struggle to implement in their lives. The majority of Christians I know wish they memorized Scripture more, and most don't make it a habit in any meaningful way. Most people do not grow up memorizing Scripture, and if they do it can often be about simply memorizing, but not about having those passages shape and inform their life.

It might be one of the most underutilized tools God has given us to grow as his followers. We don't always have a Bible in front of us, or have access to God's Words when we need them most. Rather than having the words of the Bible rolling around in our minds, we have song lyrics from the top 40 station. God's Word is like fertilizer for the soul, giving nourishment and growth. But we often choke ourselves of the most valuable nutrients, replacing it with food that is neutral at best, and toxic at worst.

God’s Word is like fertilizer for the soul, giving nourishment and growth.

I exhort you to memorize Scripture more, and I commit to doing it with you. I do not memorize as much as I want, but I have found a tool that has helped me do it more over the past five years than I had before. And I will be working to increase my own habits of Scripture memorization.

Note: If you want to memorize Scripture with me, let's do it together! We can encourage one another in our desire to memorize Scripture more. If you are interested, use my contact page to send me a message.

Fighter verse app

The Fighter Verse app was developed as a tool for the Fighter Verses that are used by Bethlehem Baptist Church. There are five sets of verses, with fifty-two per set. They can be memorized one per week, over the course of five years. After five years, you can start over, because it is almost certain that you do not still have all 260 passages memorized.

Here is a link to Bethlehem Baptist's explanation of their Fighter Verse Program.

Fighter Verses has its own webpage, with more information that you can read. It has the current weeks verse, memorization tools, devotional articles and much more to help you memorize Scripture.

4 reasons I use the Fighter Verse App

1. Great memorization tools

There are many great memorization tools within the app. You can easily turn the verse of the week into your wallpaper image and use it as your lock screen or home screen. There are also many great quizzes that you can use to help you memorize (ie. fill in the blank, etc.). You can listen to the verse or hear it sung. There are multiple different tools to help you memorize Scripture, and support multiple different learning styles.

2. Easy to use

The app is simple and easy to use. There isn't much more to say about it than that. Its easy to find the verse for the week, and as you scroll down, the different memorization tools are readily available.

3. Always available

This is one of the great reasons to use the app. I pretty much always have my phone with me. If I am waiting for something or someone, I can take it out and spend five minutes memorizing the passage. I am often tempted to spend those short bursts of time looking at social media, checking the latest sports score, responding to emails, etc., but I would rather invest that time in the task of memorizing Scripture.

4. Always improving

The developers are always finding ways to improve the app. In my opinion, this is one of the most important elements to a good app. If no one is attending to it and updating it, then I am weary about how long the app will last. At the time of writing this, the newest update is only two months old. I have seen new tools added over the past four years, and I appreciate that the app is always improving.

Where to get it?

iOS App: Read about it here and download it here.

Android App: Read about it here and download it here.

The app does cost $2.99, but is is a worthy investment into your own growth.

Technology I use: Feedly

I enjoy technology. Probably too much at times. It can be a distraction for me, but I have also found ways to use it in my personal life and my ministry. Every now and again, I would like to share a piece of technology that has been helpful for me.

Posts in the Series


What is Feedly?

Do you read blogs? Do you wish you read them more? Feedly helps you keep up with your favorite blogs, all in one place. It has a slick and clean format which makes reading within the application very easy. It also gives you the ability to create custom categories to organize the blogs you follow. This has allowed me to follow about 70 blogs, while only having six in my "favorites" category.

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Feedly is available on multiple platforms. It can be downloaded for iOS and Android, or it can be run through a web browser. I personally use it on my iPhone and through my chrome browser. It also has a built in ability to share a post through facebook, twitter, email, etc. It even has an Evernote integration, but that requires you to upgrade to one of their paid versions, which I have not done.

Why I use it

I use Feedly because there is far too much great content on the web for me to keep track of without a blog reader. I used to use Google Reader, but when Google discontinued their own reader I switched over to Feedly, with the approximately 500,000 other people in under 48 hours.

There is far too much great content on the web for me to keep track of without a blog reader.

I go through phases when I keep up with my Feedly more or less often, but it is always there when I come back. It keeps my content ready to read and remains a great resource to see what others are writing. I read blogs about leadership, faith, ministry, books, finance, blogging, family, marriage, missions, etc, and they help me grow in my faith, ministry and life.

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There is so much out there to read. If I find a blog that contains high quality content, I usually add it to Feedly to see if they post anything else worth reading. And with Feedly, it is really easy to do!

Recommended blogs

You might be asking, what are some of my favorite blogs? Allow me to share a some with you:

Between Two Worlds

This is a blog by Justin Taylor. He will sometimes post some of his own material, but he is often a curator of content and other happenings within Christianity. I appreciate his insights and he often shares very pertinent and important information.

This is the online home of Tim Challies, a pastor, blogger and reviewer of books. Tim often has great articles to read about a variety of topics. He also reviews books and displays great discernment when it comes to reading. Each fall he hosts an online reading group that reads classic Christian books, he posts a daily thread with links to other blogs he found interesting and every Friday he does a giveaway to the people who sign-up.

Desiring God

This is a compilation blog with many different writers. The content is always very Biblical and points its readers toward a glorious view of God. I have a deep appreciation for the ministry of John Piper and he also writes for this blog on a fairly regular basis.

Deyoung, Restless and Reformed

This is the blog of Kevin DeYoung. He is a pastor and author in East Lansing, MI. One day, I think he may be regarded as one of the greatest writers of our generation. I wish I could write as well as him. He writes with deep insight and does it in a way that captures the reader.

Michael Hyatt's Intentional Leadership

Michael Hyatt is the former CEO of Tomas Nelson Publishers. He blogs twice a week and produces a podcast once a week. He covers topics about leadership, productivity, intentionality, platform building, etc. If you are an aspiring leader, blogger or author, I think you would enjoy his content.

This blog is primarily about communication, specifically about writing and preaching. I have really enjoyed the content on this blog, but it has not been updated much lately. The old content is still worth exploring, and if he begins to update more often, you will likely enjoy the new content as well.

Think Theology

There are multiple authors that write for this blog out of England, but I have particularly enjoyed the writings of Andrew Wilson. He is a bit cheeky, but has a high intellect and gives great insights. This is one of my newer favorites.

How to get started?

Getting started with Feedly is fairly easy. I would encourage you to head over to and get yourself an account today. It would be a great way to keep up with the blogs you follow, including mine. Here is a short video tutorial about how to get it set-up.