Technology I use: PrayerMate

I enjoy technology. Probably too much at times. It can be a distraction for me, but I have also found ways to use it in my personal life and my ministry. Every now and again, I would like to share a piece of technology that has been helpful for me.

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The first piece of technology I want to share with you is an app I use on my iPhone called PrayerMate (it is also available for Android). It has been a great way for me to remember all the things I want to pray for - whether it be my wife, community group members or missionaries. I often have too many things to remember all at once. PrayerMate remembers for me!

The functionality is great and helps me to pray more often for the things that are important to me. Here are some of my favorite things about PrayerMate:

You can set reminders

Every day I get a prompt on my phone to pray. I can open my PrayerMate app and take some time to pray.

It rotates predetermined prayer cards

You can create prayer cards for all the ways you want to pray. The app allows you to personalize how many different things you want to have pop up each time, and it rotates them for you so that you can pray for each of the things that is important to you.

You can categorize your prayers

I have a lot of different spheres in my life that prompt ways I want to pray. The app allows me use the different spheres as ways to categorize my prayers.

Great pre-loaded content

There is pre-loaded content that gives you great ways to pray. You can add scripture passages to read and prompt you to pray. You can download different mission organizations that you want to pray for, and they update their prayer content. There is much more that I have not explored, but I like that it has some pre-loaded content.

Connect prayer cards to actual contacts in your phone

If there is a particular person you are praying for, you can link them to different prayer cards. This makes it easy for you to send a quick text of encouragement to someone after you pray for them.

They continue to improve the app

During the time I have had the app, they have continued to make updates that improve the app's functionality. I am confident that in a year from now, the app will be even better than it is today. I like to invest in apps that I know will be updated and improved over time.

How do I organize my prayers?

I use 12 different categories to help organize my prayers. Here they are:

Biblical Prayers

I rotate Bible passages that I want to have on my mind, and then I pray through them. I use some of the same passages I use when I preach the gospel to myself, as well as others.

Personal Godliness

I have prayers that I pray for my own growth. If there is an area of sin that I want to be more intentional to pray about, I include it here. If I am sensing a need to trust God more, I pray for it here. These rotate based on how God is showing me that I need to grow.


My wife gets her own category. I pray for our marriage here, and also for specific things for Megan.

My Family

This is where I pray for my kids and their specific needs. I also pray for our overall family in this area. For example, I am currently praying for our family to have better rhythms of life that facilitate our love and adoration for Jesus.

My Relational Sphere of Influence

In this category, I pray for people in my life that are part of my Relational Sphere of Influence (RSI). You can read more about RSIs in this post. I have all their names as separate prayer cards, and add specific notes if there are particular areas of prayer.

My Community Group

I pray for two different members of my community group each time. There are many people in my community group, so it is helpful to have this category show up twice in each prayer session (a great feature of PrayerMate to personalize your prayer times).

Adult Community Groups

As the Adult Ministries Pastor at First Baptist Church (FBC), this is one of my primary areas of ministry, so I like to pray for things in this category.

Connections Ministry

This is another area of responsibility for me at FBC.

Local & Global Outreach

This is another area of responsibility for me at FBC.

Kinship Ministry

This is another area of responsibility for me at FBC.

Apprentice Relationships

I have a list of people who I am investing in as a mentor, and I pray for them as one of my categories.

Prayer Commitments

There are a number of missionaries and organizations I have committed to pray for. I have a category for them, so that I remember to pray for them. I update the notes associated with each missionary or organization as I get new prayer letters from them.

Links and Information

The app is not free, but the cost is well worth the investment into your prayer life. Some may view the use of this app for prayer as being too mechanical, but I have found it to be extremely helpful to remember to pray for the many different things in my life. It was well worth the investment to fuel my prayer life.

You can get it on iOS and on Android.

Here is a link to learn more about the app:

And here is a video that will give you even more information about PrayerMate