Waiting on Baby... And the January blog plan

My wife and I are past the due date and still waiting for our newest son to come out and meet the world. Currently (at the time of writing), he is still inside his mother's womb, and we are anxious to meet him. And it isn't easy to wait. There have been a range of emotions in the Adelman household, both positive and negative. Whether it has been frustration that he hasn't come, disappointment that he isn't here or joy at the anticipation that he is coming, we continue to wait.

I believe that God will work in the midst of this season to grow our trust in Him and His perfect timing, and we are praying and seeking to respond well as we wait. It has been challenging for me, but I can only imagine how much more difficult it is for my sweet wife. She has the constant reminder that he is still there, waiting to come out. Because for her, he is literally, right there, waiting to come out. While I can "forget" about it for a moment as I focus on other things throughout my day, she cannot. And yet, we wait.

Waiting isn't easy. But it is absolutely worth the wait.

Come soon our little son. Come soon.

January Guest Series

With the anticipation of our expanding family, I have reached out to some men whom I greatly respect and asked them to write guest posts. They are all men who are either husbands or fathers, and men who are following Jesus faithfully. I have asked them each to write about how to be a Christ-Centered Husband and/or Father.

Christ-Centered Men

There is a deep need for men to be good husbands and fathers, who do so in God-honoring and Biblical ways. As I expand my own family, and think myself about being the kind of man that God desires, I am excited to share what these other men have written. I am still pulling together the final details of who will post which days, but you can expect at least one post per week. I have not given too narrow of topics to each, but just the broad subject of being Christ-Centered husbands and/or fathers. I am trusting that God will weave it all together in a way that equips us all to follow Jesus more faithfully.