Matt's Sermon Supplement: Mark Three

Each week throughout the ReMarkAble series at First Baptist Church, Pastor Matt Clausen (or whomever preaches on Sunday) will provide a brief post that supplements the sermon content from the Sunday before. The supplement post for Mark Three is being posted a bit late, but still helpful as we continue to examine the life o Jesus through Mark's Gospel. I will try to post them on Mondays following the sermon. Here is a link to the sermon on Mark Three, and below is Matt's Sermon Supplement. We have additional content to support the Mark series, and you can read more about it here.

Embraced by the unlikely

Mark 3 gives us a clear picture of what it means to follow after Jesus. In the chapter we see unlikely people follow Jesus, while likely followers reject him. In Mark 3:13-19 Jesus calls a group of Galilean fisherman to be his followers. These were not theologically trained individuals, and they came from a section of Israel and from a career that was not highly regarded. They were an unlikely group of people to be chosen as apprentices by a Rabbi and an even more unlikely crew to be chosen by the Son of God to change the world.

Rejected by the likely

This same chapter also shows the rejection of Jesus by those who should have been his most likely followers. The Pharisees and Teachers of the Law who spent their lives studying and teaching the Old Testament are unable to recognize Jesus as Messiah. Instead of worshipping Jesus they seek to kill him or connect him with Satan. It isn’t just the teachers of the law that reject Jesus in Mark 3, his own family believes he has gone insane and tries to take him away from his ministry (Mark 3:20-21,31-34). Shouldn’t the Messiah’s own family and those who taught people about the coming Savior have been the first to accept Jesus ministry? While the unlikely accept him and become his followers, the likely reject him and don’t.

Following him in pursuit of God

Jesus didn’t care about how likely or unlikely a person was to follow after him. In Mark 3:35 he said “For whoever does the will of God, he is my brother and sister and mother.” Background, pedigree, training, even genetics didn’t determine ones closeness to Jesus. That was determined by following him in the pursuit of God. People may see you as an unlikely follower of Jesus. Great, you are in good company. Jesus wants you to accept his call and become a family member that is dedicated following him in obedience to God.