Monday Sermon Supplement: Mark One

Each week throughout the ReMarkAble series at First Baptist Church, Pastor Matt Clausen (or whomever preaches on Sunday) will provide a brief post that supplements the sermon content from the Sunday before. I will always post them on Mondays. Here is a link to yesterday's sermon, and below is Matt's Monday Sermon Supplement. We have additional content to support the Mark series, and you can read more about it here.

Jesus gets up to pray

In Mark One, we get a glimpse into the hectic schedule that Jesus kept.  On the Saturday described in that chapter, He teaches hundreds, casts out demons, heals the sick and He does these things all day long.  From the moment the sun comes up until well after it sets, Jesus is giving himself to others.  That sounds exhausting doesn’t it?  I teach for a couple of hours on Sunday mornings and I’m pretty tired.  I can’t imagine 14 straight hours of teaching, training and healing. 

Yet the following morning, we do not see Jesus sleeping in until noon or laying around in His pajamas with the Capernaum Times.  Instead, He is up before dawn to meet with His Father for a few hours before He starts another day of teaching, healing and proclaiming the Kingdom.  We might be tempted to think Jesus was able to get up early and pray because He had special God power that allowed Him to get less sleep than we need. I don’t believe this is correct. The Gospels tell a very different story. We see Jesus battle physical fatigue (John 4:6) and need to sleep to recharge his body (Mark 4:37-38). 

Jesus didn’t get up early to meet with the Father because He needed less sleep than we do.  He got up early in the midst of His busyness because He had great love and faith.

Jesus' love compelled Him to pray

Jesus loved the Father and so He wanted to spend time with Him. When life gets crazy and I don’t see my wife for a day because we are working and running kids all over creation, I miss her. No matter how late it is at night, when we finally see each other, we spend time together.  Not because we have to, but because we love each other and we want to hear from each other and share with each other. Jesus loved the Father so much and He wanted to get away and be with just Him.

Jesus' faith compelled him to pray

Jesus also got up early to be with the Father because He had great faith. Jesus understood the whole world stands in the hands of His Father. He believed that the guidance and power to carry out His mission and be obedient had to come from the Father (John 5:30; 6:38; 8:28; 12:49). Because he had faith that God would provide all that He needed, He went to Him in prayer.

Are we too busy to pray? Or too busy not to pray?

In the midst of busyness with friends, family, work, church and fun, it is easy to squeeze time with the Father out of our lives. Jesus lived a busier life than any of us will experience, but He always made sure that time alone with the Father was part of the busyness. It was the essential part of His busy schedule that allowed Him to stay focused on mission and be obedient during life’s craziness. If we are His followers, we will never be too busy to pray but will instead be busy praying because our lives our too busy (and significant) not to pray.