Hello! My name is Jeremy Adelman and my life has been utterly changed by Jesus. I have certainly not arrived, and I am still very much in process. I am thankful that God is patient with me as I seek to grow more like Jesus. Read more here about why this blog is really all about Jesus.

I am husband to Megan. She is my best friend and I love her dearly. We have the privilege of raising four children, Liam, Emma, Jack and Jude. Our lives are full, and we are grateful. I seek to be a joyful presence in my home and I am grateful for the small tribe God has given me.

I am Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church. I love this church and the work God is doing in and through our community. First Baptist is a 165-year old church that was started by pioneers, who crossed the Mississippi river to plant a church in the new and growing city of Minneapolis. God has been faithful to this church over the years, and God has called me to lead our church as we renew lives and our city through relationship with Jesus. Together we a pursuing a vision to develop a strong foundation of maturing disciples who multiply gospel fruit in our city and world. You can read more about our church here. And you can listen to my sermons here.

I enjoy writing and believe that words are important. God has given us words to communicate. He used words to communicate his own self-revelation to us in the most important text in the world. I love words and I believe that words act upon a person when they are read. I love words because of what they can do in the life of a person. So I write, because I love to see lives changed by Jesus, and I believe that God uses words to change lives. So, I like to write on this blog, and it is my prayer that God uses these words to encourage you in the gospel and bring change to your life.